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Passenger Starts New Beginning Alongside Terminal at Kansas City International Airport

The opening day of the new airport terminal in Kansas City was a fresh start for travel in the city, and one of the terminal’s first passengers started a new journey of her own.

More than 100 women and minority-owned businesses were part of building the new terminal, and one local business owner, Fatima Parish, was proud to be a part of the commitment to diversity.

Her company, Parish and Sons Construction, excavation, and grading, played a big role in the project and it has been transformational for her and her company.

The developer of the terminal committed to awarding 35% of the project to women and minority-owned businesses, and Parish is a proud part of that statistic.

She sees this experience as setting her up for success in future projects, allowing her to have a much larger network.

Parish’s plan has always involved her family, as her four sons know what it means to work hard and persist in a male-dominated field.

The new terminal is inclusive, with attention to detail and thoughtfulness in every aspect.

There are nursing spaces inside the restrooms for parents, a variety of food options past security, and even a play area for kids.

The artwork and even a place for pets make everyone feel included in the process.

The opening of the new terminal marks a new beginning not only for travel but for the future of Kansas City and its diverse community.

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