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Former President Donald Trump has been found liable by a federal jury in the E.

Jean Carroll civil trial for sexual abuse and defamation.

The jury ordered Trump to pay more than $5 million to Carroll.

However, the jury found Trump not liable for rape.

The verdict came after more than three hours of deliberations, during which almost a dozen witnesses were presented.

In response to the verdict, Trump took to his social media network, posting videos and expressing his disbelief, stating that he didn’t know who E.

Jean Carroll was and called her accusation another scam.

However, Carroll released a statement following the verdict, declaring the victory as not just for herself but for every woman who has suffered because they were not believed.

During the trial, the jury heard from Carroll herself, as well as other women who had accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

Their testimonies aimed to illustrate Trump’s alleged pattern of behavior.

Trump’s legal team did not call any witnesses, and the former president did not personally appear in court.

Nonetheless, his previous statements and actions were brought into focus, including his infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where he made derogatory comments about women.

The jury, comprised of six men and three women from various backgrounds, considered the evidence presented and ultimately held Trump accountable for sexually abusing Carroll and defaming her by calling her story a hoax.

Trump’s attorney announced plans to appeal the decision, citing aspects of the case that they deemed unacceptable.

The outcome of the E.

Jean Carroll civil trial has generated significant attention due to the involvement of a former president and the serious allegations made against him.

The verdict represents a significant legal development in the ongoing discussion surrounding sexual abuse and accountability.

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