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Judge Orders Frank Gable’s Unconditional Release from Supervision for Oregon Murder Case

Frank Gable, who was once convicted of killing the chief of Oregon’s prisons, has been granted unconditional release from all supervision.

In 1990, Gable received a life sentence without parole for the murder of Michael Frankie, the chief of Oregon prisons.

However, his conviction was later overturned, leaving him under federal supervision and facing the possibility of further prosecution.

Yesterday, Judge John Acosta made a ruling that ordered Gable’s unconditional release, explicitly stating that the State of Oregon, as well as any subdivision or county, is barred from re-arresting, re-indicting, or retrying Gable for the murder of Michael Frankie.

This decision comes after the US Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that deemed Gable’s conviction unjustifiable based on new evidence.

The evidence in question revolves around the use of discredited polygraph and interrogation techniques by state investigators, who coerced statements from individuals against Gable.

Additionally, the trial court was criticized for not admitting evidence of another man’s multiple confessions to the murder, which included undisclosed details of the crime.

Furthermore, nearly all witnesses from Gable’s original trial have since recanted their testimonies.

In an interview conducted by KGW in 1990, prior to his arrest, Gable vehemently maintained his innocence, suggesting his involvement in a complex drug ring but denying any participation in Frankie’s murder.

Gable expressed his fear of the uncertain future, not knowing whether he would be released or sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.

Kevin Frankie, the brother of the late prisons director Michael Frankie, has been a vocal advocate for Gable’s release.

He considers both his brother and Frank Gable to be victims, with Gable having spent nearly three decades in prison.

Gable, now 63 years old, resides in Kansas with his wife, according to The Oregonian.

He has found employment with a concrete contractor and has integrated himself into the local community.

With Judge Acosta’s recent ruling, Frank Gable can finally put the fear of arrest and a new trial behind him, closing this chapter in his life after years of uncertainty and maintaining his innocence.

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