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Former President Donald Trump’s recent appearance at a CNN town hall has received attention from Judge Jeanine Pirro, who provided her analysis on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” Pirro believes that Trump’s performance was impressive and showcased his ability to connect with his supporters.

She noted that while the event was attended by Trump supporters, the former president effectively addressed potential areas of concern, such as the 2020 election and women’s issues, ultimately garnering cheers from the audience.

Pirro compared Trump’s approach to his 2016 presidential campaign, where he dominated the Republican primary debates and positioned himself as a strong candidate.

She also highlighted the strategic value of the questions asked about Ukraine and Russia, suggesting that they could benefit Trump in the future.

However, Pirro expressed concerns that the CIA would oppose Trump due to their vested interests and their alleged attempts to undermine the Russian state.

She criticized the CIA’s handling of the Hunter Biden laptop situation, claiming that they initially labeled it as Russian disinformation but later admitted their intentions to support Joe Biden.

Pirro praised Trump’s confidence and control during the town hall, contrasting it with President Joe Biden’s performance.

She criticized the constant interruptions and fact-checking during Trump’s event, pointing out that such treatment is not applied equally to Democrats.

Pirro acknowledged the frustration felt by viewers and emphasized that Trump’s energy and determination to address important issues like the economy, inflation, energy independence, and border security were overshadowed by a focus on old issues.

Overall, Pirro regarded Trump’s town hall appearance as a victory that would provide him with momentum leading into the summer.

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