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Fellow subway rider and the Manhattan District Attorney (D.A.) have spoken out regarding the death of Jordan Neely, who died as a result of a chokehold incident on a subway car.

The tension surrounding the case is escalating, prompting officials and witnesses to voice their opinions.

The funeral arrangements for Jordan Neely, a 40-year-old man, have been made in Harlem and are scheduled for next week.

Neely tragically lost his life after being subjected to a chokehold in the East Village last week.

A grand jury is expected to convene to discuss potential charges against the former Marine responsible for the fatal chokehold.

The Manhattan D.A.

addressed the case publicly for the first time, posing the question of who should be held accountable for Jordan Neely’s death.

The D.A.

brought attention to Neely’s extensive criminal record, including over 40 arrests and a history of violence, juxtaposing it with the fact that he was allowed to roam freely and intimidate subway passengers.

The D.A.

also raised the issue of the former Marine’s role in the deadly chokehold.

One witness, who also experienced homelessness, stated that he was in a different subway car but attempted to intervene when he saw Neely being restrained.

He emphasized the importance of not overlooking such incidents and assuming that the officer’s inaction or silence is inconsequential.

Protests demanding the arrest of the former Marine have ensued, with some demonstrators displaying blood-stained signs.

Reports suggest that a grand jury is scheduled to review the case sometime this week.

Daniel, the 24-year-old former Marine, served his country and is currently attending college.

His face has been featured on wanted posters carried by the protesters.

The D.A.

expressed grief over the loss of Jordan Neely, emphasizing the need to not only focus on the circumstances of his death but also on his life and the conditions in which he lived.

Questions were raised about whether Neely would still be alive if he had received medical care, allowing him to continue performing his Michael Jackson impersonations.

The funeral is set to take place next Friday.

For further updates on this ongoing story, tune in tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.

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