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Author James Patterson and his wife Susan celebrated Mother’s Day by introducing their new book titled “Things I Wish I Told My Mother.” The couple appeared on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss their latest literary work, which pays tribute to the special bond between mothers and children.

In the interview, James Patterson shared the inspiration behind the book, revealing that after his mother passed away, he deeply regretted not being able to communicate with her anymore.

This realization sparked the idea for a book filled with the things he wished he could have said to his mother.

Susan Patterson, the co-author of the novel, explained that the story revolves around Dr.

Liz and her daughter Lori, who embark on a journey to Europe in an attempt to strengthen their relationship.

The book offers humor, occasional conflicts, and even a surprising ending.

Susan mentioned that the idea for the book stemmed from a seemingly insignificant incident.

However, as they received responses from readers, they realized the importance of cherishing the time spent with mothers.

People who had lost their mothers expressed their desire to go on trips or ask questions about their mothers’ lives before becoming parents.

The Pattersons’ book aims to encourage readers to appreciate their mothers and seize the opportunity to create meaningful moments with them.

During the interview, the Pattersons emphasized the significance of doing something special for one’s mother.

They shared their joy at having their son visit them for Mother’s Day, highlighting the importance of being intentional in making memories while there is still time.

They also expressed their pride in Susan’s accomplishment and how the book resonates with readers across the country, with various book clubs eagerly picking it up.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the Pattersons’ book offers a thoughtful alternative to traditional gifts like flowers.

Their work provides a heartfelt tribute to motherhood and serves as a reminder to cherish and honor the invaluable role of mothers in our lives.

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