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Local organizations in Jackson, Mississippi have partnered to bring health resources to the community through the Black Family Wellness Expo.

The event, hosted by the Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center and the Lynx Incorporated organization, provided attendees with dental exams, wellness screenings, health education, and information about other resources in the community.

The organizers of the event aimed to encourage better family health overall, while also providing a fun and informative experience.

The event was designed to raise awareness about the importance of preventive health services for the community.

The Black Family Wellness Expo was a collaboration between the Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center and the Lynx organization.

The event offered a range of activities, including a panel for local physicians to answer any health-related questions from the audience.

Attendees were able to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health.

Overall, the event was a day of awareness, fun, food, and education, aimed at promoting better health outcomes for families in the Jackson community.

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