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Today marks one month since the Hamas attacks that sparked the deadly conflict in the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has that Israel is prepared for next phase of its war Gaza. Israeli troops have surrounded City and claim to have divided the Gaza Strip. Our Ashley Rodriguez provides the latest updates., can you tell us more about the current situation? Certainly, Chris.

Israeli officials have announced that a full-scale invasion and occupation of Gaza is imminent. They claim that there is still an open corridor for civilians to evacuate, but reports indicate that it is extremely difficult for them to escape. Recently released footage from Israel reveals the ongoing combat activities taking place inside the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Defense Forces have conducted intense air strikes on the region as a prelude to an expected assault on Gaza City. This next phase of the month-long war is anticipated to be even more violent.

Many feel that the rest of the world fails to comprehend the severity of the situation and the immense suffering endured with each passing minute. Residents of New York, both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian, are condemning the bloodshed. The conflict has resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Israelis and 10,000 Palestinians, according to reports. On Tuesday morning, pro-Israel protesters gathered in front of the United Nations, urging leaders to facilitate the release of the 240 hostages still being held captive by Hamas, 30 of whom are young children, some as young as eight months old.

The minimum we want is to be able to communicate with them, send them necessary supplies, such as medication, food, and diapers, and receive updates on the well-being of our families there. Likewise, residents across the East River in Brooklyn are demanding that their local leaders support the 18 House members who have signed a resolution calling on the Biden Administration to demand an immediate ceasefire. Hundreds of Palestinians caught in the crossfire have been killed or injured by Israeli airstrikes, including over 4,000 children. Many victims remain trapped beneath the rubble of destroyed buildings.

It is deeply troubling to me that the US is providing support and funding to what appears to be a genocide. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is resisting calls for a ceasefire, asserting that it would only benefit the terrorist group Hamas.

The Israeli Defense Forces continue to bombard the region with bombs, and officials have confirmed that Northern Gaza is now isolated from the rest of the territory. Israeli soldiers are prepared to engage in urban combat against Hamas militants in Gaza City.

As Palestinians desperately seek ways to evacuate, they are faced with the absence of safe havens. Israel is determined to eradicate the Hamas terror group, with the Prime Minister stating that Israel will assume overall security responsibility in Gaza for an indefinite period after the war concludes.

He argues that Gaza should be governed by those who reject the path of Hamas. Thank you, Ashley, for your insights..

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