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I would like to touch on a few topics with General Jerry Boyin, the former deputy under Secretary of Defense. Firstly, I want to discuss the military situation in the Israel-Hamas War. However, I also want to address the growing protests against Israel at elite universities and even at my own university, where Israel is highly disliked.

What are your thoughts on this? Does it concern you? Yes, it concerns me greatly, Neil. I had conversations about this today and I must say, I did not expect to see this level of opposition.

I would have anticipated some pockets of support for Hamas, as we often see in America with people raising funds for them. However, this truly surprises me.

I believe that if these universities do not take action, they should lose their government funding, at the very least. Now, let’s switch gears back to the topic I originally wanted to discuss: the deployment of a nuclear-powered submarine to the Middle East.

This addition to the powerful USS Ronald Reagan and USS Derald R. aircraft carriers, what do you make of this escalation? First and foremost, I think the president is sending a strong message. Frankly, I applaud his actions in this regard.

Although I may not agree with everything he has done, I believe this move is necessary. Personally, I was present at the commissioning of this ship on the west coast and had the opportunity to see some of the highly classified equipment on board.

While I cannot delve too much into it, I can assure you that from a functional perspective, this vessel has everything we need. Additionally, from a psychological standpoint, if this does not grab your attention, then this war is going to last longer than anyone can imagine. I also wanted to get your opinion on the pressure the administration might be putting on Israel to adhere to these tactical pauses. Israel ultimately decides if they enforce them or not, but do you think we should be advising against it? Absolutely not.

I believe the president did the right thing when he initially stated that we stand with Israel. However, within a week, he seemed to have second thoughts. We cannot give Hamas any advantage whatsoever. When discussing a pause, it is important to remember that Hamas has repeatedly stated that they will continue their attacks until they have eradicated Israel.

We should not provide them with an opportunity to regroup and reposition. It would be a grave mistake. Thank you, General, for your insights.

I apologize for the limited time given the breaking news. Lieutenant General Jerry Boyin, the former deputy under Secretary of Defense and former Delta Force Commander, your service is greatly appreciated.

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