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Israel and Palestinians Agree to Ceasefire after Five Days of Violence

After five days of intense clashes, Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have reached a ceasefire agreement mediated by Egypt.

The news was confirmed by one U.S.

official and one Israeli official to NBC News correspondent Raf Sanchez.

The ceasefire comes as a relief following the violent confrontations between Israeli forces and militants in the Gaza Strip.

The agreement, brokered by Egyptian officials, took effect just moments ago, bringing a temporary halt to the hostilities.

Raf Sanchez, reporting from Tel Aviv, provided updates on the ground situation.

He stated that according to the information received from a U.S.

official and an Israeli official, the ceasefire was implemented at 10:00 local time.

In the minutes leading up to the ceasefire, there was a noticeable escalation in activity.

The sound of Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor missiles, shooting down rockets fired from Gaza, reverberated in Tel Aviv.

However, at 9:59 PM, just one minute before the ceasefire was scheduled to begin, the Israeli military reported being hit by a series of strikes from Islamic Jihad targets inside Gaza.

Such last-minute attacks are not uncommon as both sides attempt to inflict damage before the ceasefire takes effect.

The exact terms of the ceasefire agreement remain undisclosed.

However, it is known that Islamic Jihad had been pushing for Israel to commit to ending the targeted assassinations of leaders within their organization.

The operation, which began on Tuesday with Israel’s strike in the early morning, resulted in the deaths of three senior Islamic Jihad commanders and several of their family members, including young children.

The violence in Gaza over the past few days has claimed the lives of 33 people, comprising both civilians and militants.

The recent casualties include an elderly Israeli woman killed in a rocket attack and a Gaza worker, who had permission to leave Gaza for work in Israel, killed by a rocket fired from Gaza earlier today.

The bloodshed persisted until the final moments, but now, at this hour, the skies are quiet.

The ceasefire brings a temporary respite to the region, but the fragile nature of the situation remains.

The hope is that the agreement will hold and pave the way for a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

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