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Investigation Launched After Physiotherapist Writes Offensive Comments in Patient’s Medical File

Interior Health is currently conducting an investigation after a physiotherapist allegedly made derogatory and offensive comments in a patient’s medical file.

The patient, Robert Monroe, was shocked to find hurtful and derogatory comments written by the physiotherapist in his worksafe file after seeking treatment for a work-related injury.

Monroe, who has been unable to work due to his injury, was described as a “Redneck hit to death uneducated” and that he “seems to fear his own shadow” by the physiotherapist.

Monroe filed a complaint with Interior Health, who stated that an investigation is underway and that the language used in the transcript is not acceptable from an Interior Health employee regarding a patient or client.

WorksafeBC, who Monroe filed his claim with, expects contractors to be respectful and considerate towards patients and clients, and where the code of conduct has been breached, a thorough investigation will be conducted.

Monroe has since had the hurtful comments removed from his file, but he believes that the physiotherapist responsible should lose their job at the very least.

CTV attempted to contact the physiotherapist, but they did not respond.

Monroe hopes that an apology will be issued for the offensive comments made.

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