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In a viral video that has been making rounds on social media, a farmer is seen shredding onions on his farmland.

The video shows the farmer using a machine to cut the onions and then spreading the onion pieces across the land.

The farmer, whose identity is yet to be confirmed, is said to have done this in order to fertilize his land.

The video has gone viral on various platforms, with many praising the farmer’s innovative technique.

Some viewers have even called it a “mayajaal”, meaning magic trick in Bengali.

This news has caught the attention of many, with people sharing the video on various social media platforms.

The farmer’s technique has been praised for its simplicity and effectiveness.

This viral video is a testament to the innovation and resourcefulness of farmers, who are constantly finding new and innovative ways to improve their crops and yield better harvests.

With such techniques, it is hoped that farmers will be able to contribute more to the country’s agriculture sector and ensure food security for all.

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