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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

The incident was recorded and received significant media attention, resulting in the attacker being imprisoned. However, the victims are still seeking justice. Several women spoke out about the attacks this morning in Los Angeles. The man, known as the Tesla Road Rage Guy, is currently serving a 5-year sentence in Kern County.

Almost two months after his sentencing, the victims are coming forward to express their frustration with being kept in the dark during the case. The punishment given to their attacker does not adequately match the severity of the crimes committed. The reign of terror ended when the man was arrested and charged for multiple violent attacks on Southern California freeways.

Videos of his actions went viral, showing him using an iron bar to damage numerous cars over several weeks in 2022 and 2023. On Tuesday, some of his victims revealed that their voices were silenced. They were not given the opportunity to make an impact statement or have their voices heard in court before a plea deal was made. Despite being sentenced to 5 years in prison for charges including vandalism, assault, and elderly abuse, the system failed to notify the victims when a plea deal was offered. Attorney Gloria Allred expressed her disappointment with the LA County District Attorney’s office for failing to inform her clients about the plea deal. They were denied the right to give a victim impact statement during the sentencing.

At least 10 people have come forward to say they were attacked by the Tesla Road Rage Guy, but the legal proceedings only identified him as the attacker in four incidents. During the victims’ testimonies on Tuesday, it was revealed that the attacker immediately approached their cars with a crowbar in hand, appearing visibly enraged. He repeatedly struck the driver’s side window and made threatening and racist remarks.

The District Attorney’s office never informed or notified the victims about the progress of the case, and they were unaware of their rights under Marsy’s Law. Attorney Allred acknowledged that there is no legal remedy to rectify the alleged wrongs in this case. However, she hopes that future victims will be granted their rights under California law. She emphasized that the LA County District Attorney’s office, as well as every sheriff and police department, should prioritize informing and supporting victims. The LA County District Attorney’s office was contacted for comment but did not respond..

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