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East Bakersfield is set to undergo significant changes as part of a project aimed at revitalizing the neighborhood.

The Niles Monterey Prosperity Neighborhood Initiative will provide funding to address issues such as affordable housing and sidewalk improvements.

The project seeks to create safer streets and a more comfortable and livable space for residents, including those who often walk or bike to work or school.

City Councilwoman Andre Gonzalez says the initiative will take months to make progress on the design and hopes to finish the project in the next two years.

The project includes the creation of affordable housing on vacant lots and the addition of bike lanes, enhanced sidewalks, and pedestrian level lighting.

The residents of East Bakersfield, such as Laura Gutierrez, who has lived there all her life, have expressed their wishes for safer streets, better sidewalks, and improved street lighting.

The goal of the project is to rejuvenate the entire area and create a more livable space for all residents.

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