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Riverside County officials are expressing concerns over an increasing number of migrants, particularly illegal immigrants, arriving in the area.

The influx of individuals seeking asylum has the potential to strain local resources and create a humanitarian crisis.

Brooke Federico, Director of Communications, states that Riverside County is the only non-border county receiving asylum seekers, and the daily numbers have been significantly rising in recent weeks.

In March 2021, the county had already received approximately 74,500 individuals.

The average number of arrivals per day was around 122 but dipped in early April, possibly due to the implementation of Title 42, a pandemic-era policy initially introduced during the Trump administration to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Title 42, which allows the government to turn away migrants, including asylum seekers, is set to expire soon.

Federal jurisdictions and Riverside County are preparing for a potential surge in migrants at the border.

President Biden assures reporters that they are doing everything they can and have received cooperation from Mexico, but the situation remains uncertain, and it may be chaotic for a while.

The arrival of migrants in Riverside County is determined by US Customs and Border Protection.

On average, migrants, including individuals and families, stay in the county for 2 to 3 days before undergoing health screenings and being relocated.

However, once Title 42 expires, the impact on the county is still unknown.

Officials anticipate increased strain on their system and resources as numbers continue to rise.

Some individuals may end up being turned away due to capacity limitations.

The specific locations where migrants are being brought to in Riverside County are not disclosed due to safety and privacy concerns.

Despite reaching out for comments, the California Office of Emergency Services and Customs and Border Protection have not responded yet.

The cost for providing services to these migrants amounts to just under $10 million for Riverside County, but they expect reimbursement from the federal government and the state.

As the situation unfolds, officials in Riverside County are closely monitoring the influx of migrants and preparing to address the challenges posed by the growing numbers in an effort to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

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