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A Portsmouth police officer recently found a stolen car with an infant inside.

The officer, identified as Michael Greenwalt, was patrolling around 11 pm on March 11th when he saw an abandoned car with the driver’s door open.

Upon closer inspection, he saw an eight-month-old baby lying in the back seat.

The car and the baby had been reported missing in Chesapeake, Virginia, where a father from Maryland had left his car unlocked and running with the baby inside while he took his older child to use the bathroom at a Royal Farms convenience store.

Less than 30 minutes after the alert went out, Officer Greenwalt found the baby and the car in Portsmouth, less than a mile away from where the baby was taken.

The officer said the baby was in a onesie and completely strapped in the seat, and his primary concern was that it was about 40 degrees that night and the car was not running with the door wide open.

Although the baby was still warm, the officer does not know how long it had been left there.

Police are still investigating this incident, but Officer Greenwalt hopes this serves as a warning to people that criminals are preying on those at gas stations.

The baby was returned safely to his family, and thankfully, the story had a happy ending.

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