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In a recent development, India has advised Pakistan to take necessary steps to prevent terrorist activities from its soil.

The advice came as tensions between the two neighboring countries continue to rise.

The Indian government has been calling for action against terror groups operating from Pakistani soil for years, but Pakistan has consistently denied any involvement.

This advice from India comes after a recent attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir, which was allegedly carried out by militants based in Pakistan.

The attack left several Indian soldiers dead and sparked outrage in India.

India has also been calling for Pakistan to take action against Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), a terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for several attacks in India, including the deadly 2019 Pulwama attack that killed 40 Indian soldiers.

Pakistan has denied any links to these attacks and has accused India of carrying out false flag operations to defame the country.

Tensions between the two countries remain high, with both sides accusing each other of supporting terrorism.

In response to India’s advice, Pakistan has called on India to provide concrete evidence of its allegations and has reiterated its commitment to fight terrorism.

The international community has also called for both countries to exercise restraint and engage in dialogue to resolve their differences.

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