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‘Suspicion of Money Envelopes’ Second Detention Hearing for Kang Rae-gu / SBS

Kang Rae-gu, the key suspect in the Democratic Party’s national congress money envelope scandal and former permanent auditor of the Korea Water Resources Corporation, underwent his second substantive detention hearing today (8th).

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Plans are being made to install additional guidance signs such as assigning and floor induction lines.
This is SBS Jang Sun-yi.
-(Caster) Here is the condensed news.
Kang Rae-gu, the key suspect in the Democratic Party’s national congress money envelope scandal,
and former permanent auditor of the Korea Water Resources Corporation,
received his second substantive detention hearing today.
The results of the detention hearing, which began with Judge Yu Chang-hoon,
the head judge in charge of warrants, at 2 p.m.

in Seoul Central District Court,
are expected to be announced late tonight or early tomorrow morning.
After being released following the rejection of his detention warrant on the 21st of last month,
Kang, who received another detention hearing after only 17 days,
is a key figure implicated in the suspicion of distributing money envelopes
in order to elect Song Young-gil, the former representative of the Democratic Party, during the party’s national congress last year, as part of a fundraising plan.
The police announced that they plan to summon Yu In, a popular actor, for questioning
in connection with his alleged drug use and his involvement with some female accomplices.
The police are currently investigating and questioning four individuals close to Yu
on charges of aiding and abetting Yu’s drug use or directly administering drugs.
Yu was summoned by the police on March 27 on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act
and was interrogated for about 12 hours.
The proportion of lease transactions in apartments and villas in the Seoul metropolitan area,
which had decreased due to concerns about lease fraud, has shown an increase again.
According to the Seoul Real Estate Information Plaza’s survey results for March,
among the total of about 22,000 transactions of Seoul apartments,
the proportion of lease transactions accounted for 61.5%, the highest level in 1 year and 4 months.
Experts analyzed that the decrease in lease prices compared to two years ago
has reduced the cost burden of contract renewals, and with the interest rate for lease loans being lower than in the second half of last year,
the conversion from monthly rent to lease has slowed down, leading to an increase in lease demand once again.
As the number of people feeling fatigue from frequent disaster text messages increases,
the government is improving the disaster text message transmission service.
Starting this month, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security will only send messages
when there are significant events such as icy roads and road closures, instead of sending simple guidance.
Until 2019, an average of 414 disaster messages were sent per year,
but since 2020, it has increased 131 times to an average of over 54,000 messages per year
due to the transmission of COVID-19 guidance messages.
That’s the condensed news so far.
-(Anchor) Now let’s take a look at today’s stock market situation.

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