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Today is Election Day and there are numerous important issues for you to decide on. First News is serving as your Local Election Headquarters.

This morning, we will prepare you for heading to the polls. Hanna Erdmann, a reporter from First News, is live in Warren to provide important reminders. Polls will soon open in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, and there are plenty of local races along with two statewide issues in Ohio. Before leaving your home, remember a few things.

It will be a busy day at the polls, especially in Ohio, where voters will decide on Issue 1, which pertains to establishing a constitutional right to abortion, and Issue 2, which deals with the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Last week, First News interviewed Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who mentioned that early voting and absentee return numbers indicate a high voter turnout for this election. He expressed pride in the participation of Ohioans and their trust in the election process.

If you are heading out to vote today, keep in mind that Ohio voters must bring a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID, passport, or military ID. In Pennsylvania’s Mercer County, only local races are on the ballot, including Mercer County commissioners, Hermitage City commissioners, several school board races, and others.

The apparent small size of the ballot is due to the fact that all county row offices are running unopposed and were essentially decided in May. Thad Hall, the Elections Director in Mercer County, explained that this will impact turnout numbers.

He estimates that turnout will be around the low to mid 40s, varying by precinct. Lastly, for both Ohio and Pennsylvania, absentee and mail-in ballots need to be returned before the polls close.

In Ohio, this is at 7:30 PM, and in Pennsylvania, it is at 8 PM. Hanna Erdmann, reporting live from Warren, 27 First News..

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