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In a significant development, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has appointed Major General Oleh Sakhon as the new commander of the Ukrainian National Guard, amidst rising tensions in the Ukraine-Russia war.

The announcement was made on the President’s website, where he had been overseeing the National Guard’s Eastern Operational and Territorial Unit.

Sakhon received a crucial promotion from President Zelensky in 2020 and had participated in the successful defense of Kharkiv against Russian invasion in 2022.

Second, he had participated in a successful special operation in the communities of Adel’ske, Zanevka, and Trotsky in 2017 while stationed in the ATO zone in eastern Ukraine.

Coordinating with the Security Service of Ukraine and anti-sabotage troops, the National Guard arrested 28 individuals directly connected to illegal armed organizations and killed two militants who had opposed them.

Sakhon has been recognized many times for his outstanding achievements.

As tensions continue to rise, the world is watching this important appointment closely.

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