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Local 23 News at 10 Weather May 12

The Upper Valley and Lower Valley regions are bracing for a night of potential storms and severe weather, as reported by Local 23 News at 10 Weather on May 12.

The forecast indicates a marginal risk of severe weather in the Upper Valley, while the Lower Valley faces a threat of general thunderstorms.

The unsettled weather is expected to intensify throughout the evening, raising concerns about possible weather-related events.

Tomorrow is anticipated to bring the bulk of the rainfall and storms, with temperatures only reaching the upper 80s.

Futurecast analysis suggests that storm activity may commence as early as 8-9 AM, while the best chance for storms and rain is projected to occur in the afternoon around 2 PM.

The heavy rain and potential for severe weather are forecasted to persist throughout the afternoon and into the early hours of Saturday.

The region falls under a slight risk (2/5) for severe weather and a moderate chance (3/4) for flash flooding.

Meteorologists are predicting multiple inches of rain, with some areas possibly receiving 8-10 inches.

Consequently, flooding poses the greatest concern for the upcoming weekend.

Authorities are urging caution and advising against unnecessary travel during this period.

It is essential to exercise extreme caution if driving is unavoidable, as water-covered roads can be highly dangerous.

Residents are encouraged to avoid spending time outdoors and to proceed with extreme caution if traveling.

The rainy conditions are expected to persist until the middle of next week, with the severe threat likely to diminish by Sunday.

In other news, it seems that the days of internet companies evading legal troubles may be coming to an end.

The reasons behind this statement were not provided in the available information.

As the severe weather looms and the risk of flooding increases, it is crucial for residents to stay informed and follow the guidance of local authorities to ensure their safety during this challenging period.

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