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The Immokalee Cattle Drive and Jamboree took place at the Immokalee Pioneer Museum in Florida on Saturday morning.

The festival celebrates the agricultural history of the area and includes a cattle drive down Main Street and around the bend, as well as a day-long festival with various activities such as a petting zoo and demonstrations of traditional crafts and handiwork.

The event is an important part of the heritage of Collier County and is hosted by the Collier County museums.

This year, they are honoring the Rawersons, a cattle ranching family in the Immokalee area.

The festival is meant to bring attention to the importance of agriculture in the Florida economy and to connect people with their food source, which is often taken for granted in urban areas.

Heather Cleckler, a descendant of the Roberts family, was the cattle boss for the event and helped keep the history alive for the community.

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