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President Biden will be in Beler tomorrow to celebrate the reopening of the Stellantis plant. When the plant was shut down in February, it had a devastating impact on the local economy.

However, thanks to pressure from the UAW and a generous incentive package for Stellantis, the automaker has now decided to reinvest in and expand the plant. This news is significant for the region, as it will create nearly 4,000 jobs, with some positions possibly starting as early as next year. Approximately 2,500 of these jobs will involve the production of midsized SUVs, while another 1,300 will be located at a new EV battery factory next door.

Congressman Foster emphasizes the importance of securing the necessary land for the battery facility, as it played a pivotal role in Stellantis’ decision. The president’s visit on Thursday will recognize this triumph for local auto workers, ensuring they receive fair wages and benefits as they build the future of the automotive industry.

Stellantis aims to have the assembly plant producing vehicles again by 2025, with the new EV battery plant expected to be operational by 2028. While the specific vehicle to be produced is yet to be determined, the anticipation surrounding this development is high..

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