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Idaho’s Snowpack Gets a Boost as Significant Snowfall Hits State

Idaho’s snowpack has received a significant boost as the state experiences heavy snowfall.

Scott Dorval’s Idaho News 6 Forecast on Monday 13th March 2023, reported that the numbers were running around 10, and then had a huge surge coming in after the atmospheric effects.

The snow levels are going up into the over 100 inches for the Boise area, and a Hawaii-based news outlet reported that huge snows are coming in for the state.

This is great news for Idaho’s snowpack, and if it continues, the state will certainly see tremendous snowfall.

Dorval explained that he had watched the snowfall in a time-lapse, seeing it come up and settle, and that it was a good deal.

He expected to see the snow levels increase to around 15 to 20 inches for Bogus Basin and up to a foot in some of the elevations.

The Soldier Mountain could also receive some snow, while the Valley could get another 1-2 inches of moisture.

Dorval said that if you look offshore, there is a huge surge of moisture that is going to hit the state, and that it will slam California again with plenty of rain in the valley.

Heavier snowfall started on Monday with a wave coming through the valley.

Showers will continue tonight and tomorrow morning.

The valley will have some effect from the moisture coming down into the valley, but both north and south are expected to see significant amounts.

By Wednesday, the snowfall is expected to crank up, and the Treasure Valley could see up to half an inch of more snow, mostly in those higher elevations.

Dorval also reported that the wind would be coming down, and the rain will increase by the afternoon.

That will be the story for the rest of the mountains, but the Treasure Valley is expected to get about 1-2 inches of snow.

Tomorrow, all of this will come through and be pretty much gone, and Idaho is expected to have pretty nice weather into the beginning of the week, with showers coming in again towards the end of the week.

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