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Iconic Bay Area sports bar, Rickey’s, has recently reopened its doors to the public under new ownership.

Located in San Leandro, California, the beloved establishment has undergone significant changes both in appearance and nomenclature.

Previously known as Rickey’s, the sports bar now bears a subtle name alteration, rebranding itself as “Ricke’s Sport Lounge.” The change involves replacing the letter “y” with an “e,” setting it apart from its iconic namesake, Ricky Ricardo.

Upon entering the renovated premises, visitors will immediately notice the striking differences in the bar’s interior.

According to the new owner, the establishment now boasts a fresh, modern look.

The remodeling efforts have introduced VIP lounges, an expanded collection of newer televisions, and an overall revitalized atmosphere.

These changes aim to enhance the overall experience for patrons who have long considered Rickey’s their go-to spot for sports entertainment.

Despite the ownership transition and the subsequent updates, one aspect has remained constant—the sports bar’s unwavering support for the Oakland Raiders.

Fans can still gather at Ricke’s Sport Lounge to cheer on their favorite football team, ensuring that the bar maintains its status as a cherished gathering place for generations of local sports enthusiasts.

As the community welcomes back Ricke’s Sport Lounge, anticipation builds among loyal patrons eager to experience the revamped venue’s fresh ambiance and enjoy unforgettable moments while rooting for the Raiders.

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