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United States immigration agency, ICE, has launched a three-day operation to apprehend illegal immigrants on Long Island, New York.

The operation involves more than a dozen individuals who have entered the United States illegally, some of whom are suspected members of the violent MS-13 gang.

The goal of the operation is to locate 15 individuals who are wanted for various crimes, including aggravated assault, child rape, and murder.

So far, several individuals have been arrested, including Edwin Mendoza Melendez, who was wanted for illegal entry into the U.S.

twice as an aggravated felon and is a self-proclaimed member of MS-13.

The other individuals arrested have major criminal warrants, while others have administrative warrants for missing court dates and minor crimes.

The men who have been arrested hail from various Central American countries, including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

ICE agents have been conducting surveillance on these individuals to ensure that they can be arrested safely.

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