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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

In this video, I will be covering the major events that took place in Hypixel Skyblock this week. One significant change was the massive nerf to the Crimson armor. The admins were attempting to fix a bug where Crimson gave duplicate kill rewards, but as a result, it ended up destroying the main ability of the armor, which allowed players to perform a powerful swipe attack. However, the admins have stated that this change was unintentional and they are currently working on a fix. Other changes include the proper functioning of Reflection and Looting, the ability of Soul Eater to work on slayer mini bosses, the compatibility of Overlord with bonemerangs, and the effectiveness of Shadow Fury’s ability on dungeon mobs.

Additionally, the issue with Berserkers obtaining null heads from floor three has been resolved, and the worm spawn rate has been increased. The admins have also addressed some problems with slayer spawning. However, the admins made a change to the gardening meta that completely disrupted it.

Previously, players could watch a movie while holding a few buttons to farm efficiently, but now there is a chance of spawning pests while farming, which can negatively affect farming fortune. These pests can be vacuumed and given to a random NPC for temporary farming fortune and different pests have distinct drops. Unfortunately, this change has rendered most farm designs ineffective, particularly in vertical farms. There are some new items introduced, such as Anita’s accessories, new reforge stones, upgrades for vacuum cleaners available at the Sky Mart, and various baits including stereos, vinyls, and other items.

The wriggling larva can be used to increase pest spawn chance. The garden sack has also been added, and new talismans can be obtained for collecting pests.

The update also includes multiple ways to gain farming fortune, such as a new personal best system based on player collections. Additionally, new enchantments like Sunder 6 and Pesterminator, a new potion, and the slug pet obtained from the slug pest have been introduced. Lastly, there have been reductions in crop milestones and an increase in the number of subscribers gained last week.

It is possible that the subscriber count may reach 30k before 2024 if the momentum continues..

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