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According to a recent study by the organization Start With Us, hyper-partisan lawmakers received more than four times the media coverage that bipartisan lawmakers did around the time of the 2022 midterm elections.

The study shows how badly the partisan media fuels the divide and incentivizes the loudest and most radical voices to say controversial things.

Tom Fishman, the CEO of Start With Us, said that the discrepancy in media coverage is a significant issue that drives the divisions in the country and creates a distorted view of the political system and each other.

Although the media is a business and partisanship is part of American political life, the organization calls for uplifting the stories of bipartisan problem solvers and giving airtime to some of the people out there solving problems every day for the American people.

Fishman urged news consumers and amplifiers to pay more attention to the things they click on and the things they amplify.

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