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Body of Husband Found Burning in Ruskin Field: Wife Speaks Out

Ruskin, FL – In a shocking turn of events, the body of a man was discovered burning in an open field, leading to the arrest of two suspects.

The victim’s wife, Mercedes, has now come forward to share her grief and demand justice for her late husband.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office received a distressing 911 call reporting the presence of what callers initially believed to be a mannequin.

However, upon closer inspection, it was determined to be the charred remains of a human body.

The gruesome discovery took place on April 15th, off Will Scarlet Avenue, a location less than a mile from the couple’s home.

Mercedes recounts her disbelief and devastation upon learning of her husband’s tragic fate.

The night of April 14th, when he failed to return home, she knew something was terribly wrong.

Visiting Will Scarlet Avenue the following day, Mercedes was informed by a friend that a body had been found in the field.

Her worst fears were confirmed when she discovered it was her husband, whom she had been married to for over 20 years.

The victim, identified as Andy, was a hardworking contractor originally from Mexico.

Mercedes describes him as a generous man who had recently given employment to a 26-year-old individual named Christian Segura.

Astonishingly, Segura, along with another male suspect, has been arrested and charged with murder in connection to Andy’s death.

Overwhelmed by sadness and heartbreak, Mercedes questions why her husband met such a gruesome fate.

She expresses her desire for justice, stating that Andy didn’t deserve such a horrific end after all he had done for his employees.

In an effort to honor her husband’s memory and provide him with a final resting place, Mercedes has sent his remains back to his hometown of Guan Out Lot, Mexico.

The community remains shocked and saddened by this senseless act of violence.

As the investigation unfolds, residents hope for swift justice for Andy and solace for his grieving wife.

The authorities are working diligently to gather evidence and bring the responsible parties to account.

In the Tampa area, News Channel 8 First at 4:00 provides comprehensive coverage of local, regional, state, and national news events.

Stay tuned for further updates on this tragic incident as the investigation progresses.

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