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Jackson, Mississippi – A search is underway for 36-year-old Ebony Owens in the Big Black River after deputies found her white Acura burned near her home, along with her reported missing.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Department and Department for Wildlife and Fisheries are assisting Hinds County with search boats and drones.

Sheriff Tyree Jones believes that the body of Ebony Owens was put into the river or near the location where the ongoing search is taking place.

Her husband, Michael Owens, was brought in for questioning and subsequently arrested and charged with her murder and arson.

Jones believes that Ebony died from at least one gunshot wound but investigators won’t know the extent of what happened until her body is found.

Ebony Owens leaves behind four children, two of whom still live in the family home.

Neighbors have expressed shock and sadness at the tragic events.

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