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Lauren Lane and Jerry Hayes are delivering the news. Last week, Huntsville Emergency Medical Services Incorporated approved an agreement to join the Huntsville Hospital System. Alexa Harley from News Nineteen interviewed both parties to discuss the impact of this merger on medical services in the Tennessee Valley.

Starting in 2020, emergency medical services across North Alabama and parts of Tennessee will be consolidated under the Huntsville Hospital System. This merger will allow them to provide more comprehensive care in the Tennessee Valley. While each county will still have its individual services, the merger will make coordination much easier.

It may take a couple of years to fully implement, but it will be beneficial in cases where there is a high demand for medical care, such as during a flu outbreak. Patients who prefer to go to their local hospital will still have that option. The closest EMS will be dispatched for patients in critical condition or needing immediate medical attention, regardless of the hospital’s affiliation.

The merger will also provide financial stability and allow the hospital to purchase ambulances from six different systems, including their own. The merger might also bring educational opportunities, such as expanding their EMT academy.

Additionally, the iconic yellow and blue ambulance vehicles will continue to be used in the future. This is Alexa Harley reporting for News Nineteen in Huntsville..

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