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Estonians May Soon Have a New NHL Team as Houston Emerges as Top Choice for Phoenix Coyotes

In a recent development, the possibility of the NHL expanding to Houston has sparked fierce competition among several cities.

According to a report, at least four cities are currently in the running to become the new home for the Arizona Coyotes.

Each of these cities boasts readily available arenas, creating a favorable environment for the team’s relocation.

The news comes after a proposition to bring an NHL team to Tempe, AZ, failed just a few hours ago.

KPNX, a sister station in Tempe, reached out to share that Houston is now a leading contender for the Phoenix Coyotes’ new location.

The sports team at KPNX also revealed that Atlanta is another strong candidate in the race.

If Houston were to secure the franchise, it would undoubtedly be an exciting development for sports fans in the area.

Speculation has already begun about potential changes to the team’s name, with suggestions leaning toward a space-related theme.

Houston already boasts professional teams such as the Rockets and the Astros, so finding a fitting name to align with the city’s sports tradition could be a thrilling challenge.

As the competition intensifies and negotiations progress, all eyes will be on these cities as they vie for the opportunity to bring NHL action to their respective communities.

Hockey enthusiasts and supporters of the Phoenix Coyotes will eagerly await the final decision, hoping for an outcome that brings the sport to new horizons.

Note: The above article is fictional and has been created using the provided information.

The article does not represent any real news sources or reflect actual events.

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