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House Republicans Unveil Border Plan

House Republican leaders have announced their border plan, stating that they have enough votes to secure its passage.

The plan has been met with previous objections from some Republicans who were concerned about potential negative effects on individuals genuinely seeking refuge through changes to asylum procedures.

President Joe Biden has already expressed his intention to veto the plan, and its prospects in the Senate remain uncertain.

The plan comes amidst preparations by border patrol agents for a surge of migrants attempting to enter the United States.

With COVID restrictions easing this week, there are predictions that at least 10,000 people a day could head to the southern border, thousands of miles away.

In an effort to address the crisis, House Republicans have revealed their new border security and immigration bill.

Live from Capitol Hill, Joe Khalil reports that President Biden has already voiced opposition to the GOP’s efforts.

The White House’s stance carries weight and is expected to have a significant impact on the plan’s progression.

However, recent reporting indicates that House Republican leaders now feel more confident about having enough votes within their own party to move the bill forward.

This confidence stems from obtaining support from previously hesitant moderate Republicans who were concerned about the asylum rules, believing they went too far in restricting legitimate claims for asylum.

It is worth noting that some House Republicans who expressed concerns about the plan’s asylum provisions are themselves Cuban Americans or Mexican Americans with a firsthand understanding of immigration struggles.

They acknowledged the importance of keeping the door open for those in need of refuge due to political persecution or other reasons.

As of this morning, House Republican leaders reportedly believe they have secured the support of these few moderate members.

While the plan gains traction within the Republican Party, there remain a couple of other points of contention raised by other Republicans.

These relate specifically to the border agents’ fight system and immigration procedures for individuals already in the country.

However, sources indicate that these issues are expected to be resolved.

The bill is set to undergo its first votes in a committee, with House Republicans aiming to vote on the full bill in the House tomorrow.

President Biden has expressed opposition to the bill, particularly regarding the proposed extension of Title 42 for two more years.

The White House is against this extension, making it unlikely for Democrats, who control the Senate, to bring the bill up for consideration.

Nevertheless, some Democrats, including moderate Senator Jon Tester from Montana, have expressed support for the Title 42 extension and willingness to co-sponsor the bill.

Republican sources in the Senate believe that if and when Title 42 expires and significant crises emerge at the border, there could be pressure on Democrats to take action, potentially including supporting the Title 42 extension.

However, Senator Schumer is currently expected to align with the White House’s wishes, making movement on the bill in the Senate less likely.

As developments unfold, attention is focused on the House’s progress regarding the border security bill, while the Senate’s actions remain uncertain.

The expiration of Title 42 will likely prompt further discussions and decisions.

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