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Inland areas can expect a warm week ahead, while coastal regions will experience mild weather, according to meteorologist Kari Hall’s Microclimate Forecast.

Despite the inconvenience of a broken air-conditioning system, mornings provide a reprieve with cooler temperatures.

Opening windows during these times allows for the house to cool down before it heats up, and closing the blinds helps retain the cool air.

Starting off in San Rafael, the current temperature is in the upper 50s with a cloudy morning predicted.

However, temperatures will gradually increase throughout the day.

While today won’t be as hot as yesterday, Novato is expected to reach 77 degrees while Oakland will see 73 degrees.

Hayward will reach 77 degrees, and the inland East Bay to the South Bay can anticipate low 80s.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, temperatures will rise even further, reaching upper 80s and even a few low 90s.

It will feel like summer once again, especially in Fairfield, which will experience a high of 91 degrees.

In contrast, San Francisco will remain in the upper 60s.

The Bay Area will continue to exhibit a significant temperature range as one moves across the region.

Wednesday will remain warm for the inland valleys, and this warm weather will persist throughout the week.

Those planning for the weekend should be aware that thunderstorms may develop over parts of the Sierra, a trend that could extend into the following week.

However, the Bay Area will generally experience slightly above-normal temperatures, with Napa reaching 90 degrees tomorrow and low 80s for much of the week.

Inland areas will have a warm start to the week, with temperatures returning to the low 80s.

San Francisco will remain mild.

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