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Hot Mother’s Day with Showers and Breezy Conditions Expected

Phoenix, AZ – Get ready for a scorching Mother’s Day as temperatures rise across the state.

In the morning update provided by AZFamily’s First Alert, meteorologist Whitney emphasized the need to enjoy the outdoors today.

Currently, the temperature sits at a comfortable 74 degrees, with temperatures expected to climb throughout the day.

While Flagstaff reports a cooler temperature of 52 degrees, Winslow experiences slightly warmer conditions at 58 degrees.

The region is also witnessing some shower activity, particularly in the Window Rock Winslow area.

Northeastern Arizona is likely to see showers throughout the day, accompanied by a little bit of wind.

Bullhead City is forecasted to have wind speeds of up to 25 mph, creating breezy conditions.

Moving beyond Arizona, areas of Texas are also experiencing shower activity, specifically in the Dallas region.

This moisture is anticipated to gradually move closer to the desert southwest, bringing an increase in humidity.

As a result, temperatures will continue to climb, contributing to the warm and humid conditions throughout the region.

The current weather pattern resembles spring-like weather, typical of the desert southwest during this time of year.

High pressure systems are settling in the area, leading to rising temperatures.

Residents are advised to take precautions and stay hydrated while enjoying outdoor activities on this special day.

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