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A woman was held hostage in her own home in Clarendon County for hours, but is now safe thanks to the work of law enforcement agents.

The suspect, identified as Ronald Ray Broadnax, was apprehended after officers used tear gas and a canine to retrieve him from the house.

During the hostage situation, the victim’s life was in jeopardy multiple times, but she was eventually able to escape through a window.

Officers say the suspect set the home on fire before being apprehended.

Broadnax may have ties to a crime in Virginia, where he is a person of interest in a homicide.

He is currently in the hospital undergoing surgery for injuries sustained during the incident and will face multiple charges, including kidnapping, assault, and arson.

Sheriff Tim Baxley praised the work of the 60 law enforcement agents from several agencies who responded to the scene, saying their most important priority was to ensure the victim’s safety.

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