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Today at 10, the local news is focused on Veterans Day, a day dedicated to honoring, remembering, and thanking those who sacrificed their lives for our country. Good evening, I’m Eric Moon, and I’m Seth Ratliff.

Kayle Gaves brings us a story on how some students are learning what it’s like to be in the shoes of a soldier. Life as a US military soldier is far from easy.

One doesn’t normally expect to have an M16 pointed at them when boarding a bus downtown. But as I’m told, the sacrifices made are well worth it.

Through these experiences, individuals discover their own strength and learn how to make the best out of any situation. The transition to civilian life after service is arduous for every veteran, especially for those who served in the Vietnam War.

Despite facing negativity upon returning to the United States, these soldiers remained patriotic. People would throw things and spit at them, but it didn’t matter because they knew the purpose and significance of their service. The students at Eagle Rock Middle School recently had the opportunity to glimpse into the life of a soldier.

For 90 minutes, seventh graders experienced what it’s like through a simulated version of basic training. Each student received a dog tag with information on a veteran from the past century. They learned about teamwork and discipline, eventually discovering what happened to their assigned veteran at the end of their service. This exercise serves as a reminder that their service is not forgotten.

I believe it is vital for us as a society, community, and nation to continue honoring and remembering their service. A simple way to pay tribute to veterans this Veterans Day is by saying thank you.

These expressions of gratitude hold significant meaning, not only to younger generations but also to those who served. When someone says thank you, my response is always that it was my honor, because it truly was. This is Kayy Gall reporting, local news 8, Idaho Falls..

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