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The nation’s largest celebration of our servicemen and women takes place right here in Manhattan. We were honored to broadcast the 104th Veterans Day Parade on Eyewitness News. This event is not just a simple street celebration; it also includes a ceremony at the Intrepid Museum to honor those who have sacrificed their lives and those who are still serving our nation today.

Veterans Day is always a meaningful occasion that goes beyond a simple pep rally for our veterans. According to army veteran Peter Schaer, who served during the Vietnam War, witnessing the support of families and other veterans at the parade is an incredibly moving experience. He expresses his gratitude towards the younger generation for saying thank you to those who have served.

The day began with a solemn ceremony at the Eternal Light Flagstaff in Midtown USA. Soon after, the annual parade commenced, with over 20,000 marchers, numerous floats, hundreds of cars, and marching bands making their way up Fifth Avenue to pay homage to veterans in their unique way. The nation owes a debt of gratitude to our veterans, and we must always stand beside them. Attending the parade was an unforgettable experience for all who were present.

Many attendees, like Peter, come every year to honor Veterans Day and their service to the country. The parade brings a sense of pride and satisfaction for these individuals. Being on a float and feeling acknowledged, respected, and appreciated was, according to a 48-year-old parade attendee, the most magical day of their life. For veterans like Peter, the parade provides an opportunity to reflect on the past and hope for a future without war while still honoring and expressing gratitude to those who fought for our freedom.

The event serves as a reminder of the importance of remembering history in order to move forward and continue thanking our veterans. Reporting from Midtown, this is Johnny Fernandez for Channel 7 Eyewitness News..

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