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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

[Music] The resounding sound filled the air as it echoed through the retunda on Friday afternoon at the Utah State Capitol. As a Navy nurse serving in World War II from 1943 to 1948, I experienced firsthand the attack and the determination it instilled in us.

My name is Phyllis Oerman, and we were resolute in our mission to ensure that things were properly taken care of. My role was to assist in providing care for the brave soldiers who had been injured in combat. They faced multiple injuries and surgeries, yet their bravery never wavered.

This group of veterans was truly extraordinary. Among them was Ochman, who, at the age of 100, stood alongside a handful of other centenarian veterans, all of whom were honored in a special ceremony. We, on behalf of the 3.3 million people who call Utah home, express our deep gratitude to you, our centenarian veterans. We will forever remain indebted to you for your sacrifice and service.

The ceremony, organized in conjunction with the Salt Lake City VA and the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, was filled with heartfelt moments. Governor Spencer Cox delivered remarks, emphasizing the importance of celebrating the greatest generation and ensuring the legacy for future generations. One by one, the centenarian veterans stepped forward to be recognized, receiving special challenge coins that symbolized both the event and their remarkable achievements. In this distinguished group, born in Salt Lake City in 1922, it was inspiring to witness the enduring presence of these individuals who have left an indelible mark on our history. Reporting from the hill, this is Chris Arnold for Fox 13 News Utah..

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