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HPD Officers Honored for Outstanding Service

Honolulu, HI – On Tuesday, May 16, a group of exceptional Honolulu police officers were recognized and honored for their outstanding service to the community.

The ceremony took place amidst applause and appreciation from local residents and fellow officers.

One officer, Jared Atkins, was particularly celebrated for his remarkable contributions and dedication, earning him the prestigious title of “2023 Police Officer of the Year.” Atkins, a seasoned veteran with nine years of experience on the force, has been serving in Windward Oahu since 2017.

Throughout his career, he has displayed unwavering commitment to his duty and has been an integral part of the community policing team.

Officer Atkins and his team have achieved significant milestones, making a substantial impact in the neighborhood they serve.

Among their accomplishments, they have successfully executed 90 arrests, tackling various criminal activities.

Notably, they conducted a successful operation that led to the seizure of over 200 aerial devices, addressing public safety concerns related to fireworks.

This operation alone demonstrated their effectiveness and commitment to maintaining a safe environment for the community.

In addition to Officer Atkins’ accolades, another officer, Jeremy Zooming, was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Officer Zooming had an illustrious career with the Honolulu Police Department, retiring in 1994 after 32 years of dedicated service.

He spent the majority of his tenure in the Communications Division, where he played a crucial role in the development of the department’s first island-wide public safety radio communications infrastructure system.

His contributions were instrumental in enhancing communication capabilities within the department and improving emergency response efficiency.

The ceremony concluded with heartfelt speeches from Officer Atkins and Officer Zooming, expressing their gratitude for the recognition and acknowledging the support they received from their colleagues and the community.

Their dedication and commitment to ensuring public safety were praised by all in attendance.

The Honolulu Police Department continues to recognize and honor its officers for their exemplary service, acknowledging their significant contributions in safeguarding the community and maintaining law and order.

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