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Colorado Woman Discovers Snakes in Walls of New Home

A Colorado woman who recently purchased a new home got the shock of her life when she found snakes lurking behind the drywall and beneath her patio.

Amber Hall, the homeowner, described the experience as akin to a real-life horror movie.

In an interview, she revealed that she has already spent over $1000 on traps and professional assistance to address the problem.

Hall recounted the unsettling moment when she first encountered the unexpected house guests.

“About two weeks ago, I was unpacking in here, and one of my dogs kind of crouched down and started walking over to this corner really slow,” she said.

Initially, Hall thought it might be a spider, but as she approached the area, she was taken aback by the sight of a snake slithering up the wall.

To her dismay, she soon realized that there were more and more snakes emerging from behind the walls.

The discovery has left Hall fearful of living in her new house, and she has decided to wait until the snakes are removed before fully unpacking.

She expressed frustration with the real estate agent who facilitated the sale, alleging that they are not cooperating with her.

Considering legal action, Hall is contemplating suing both the agent and the seller to determine whether they were aware of the snake infestation prior to the sale.

While it remains unclear how the snakes found their way into the walls and patio, Hall’s unsettling encounter serves as a reminder for homebuyers to thoroughly inspect their properties before finalizing a purchase.

The incident has sparked concerns among residents in the area, highlighting the importance of comprehensive home inspections and disclosure of any potential issues.

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