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Homeless Encampment near Hollywood Middle School Raises Safety Concerns for Parents

A homeless encampment situated dangerously close to a middle school in Hollywood has sparked worries among parents about the safety of their children.

The encampment, located at Selma and Schrader in Hollywood, has witnessed alarming incidents that have left witnesses shaken.

Despite a city ordinance prohibiting camping within 500 feet of a school, the lack of enforcement has fueled the concerns of parents.

Gina Silver reports live from Hollywood, where parents are expressing legitimate concerns over their children’s safety.

The Selma campus of the middle school finds itself sandwiched between two homeless encampments, leading parents to question the city’s commitment to protecting the students.

“I am very alarmed when it comes to my children, being so close to a homeless encampment.

I don’t think the city needs to really get on top of it,” said one concerned parent.

The situation has put the city in a tricky position, as enforcing the ordinance is proving challenging.

Parents are worried that the city is not prioritizing finding help and ensuring the safety of school grounds where children frequently pass through.

One parent asked, “What do you say to the parents who are concerned about the safety of their children at school?”

Anthony Stanchion, a homeless resident in the area since 2018, acknowledged the concerns but claimed innocence for himself and others living at the encampment.

“I’m not much of a vandal.

I’m not much of a criminal myself,” he said.

Law enforcement and sanitation services regularly patrol the area, attempting to maintain order and cleanliness.

Despite the ongoing debate, some residents in the Hollywood neighborhood show sympathy towards the homeless and provide them with food and essential items.

A staff member at Large Mount Middle School believes that children can learn valuable lessons from this environment, stating, “I think it’s okay for them to see things happening in real life as long as it’s safe for them.

I think that’s what matters.”

Most parents, both on and off camera, expressed a desire for the city to enforce the ordinance prohibiting homeless encampments near schools.

However, they also understand the complexity of the issue and the challenges the city faces.

Efforts to contact the mayor’s office and City Council regarding the matter have so far yielded no response.

It remains uncertain how and when the concerns of parents and the safety of the students will be addressed.

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