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The Hollywood writers strike has entered its third day, causing late-night comedy shows to remain off the air.

Negotiations between the studios and the writers have reached a standstill as the writers refuse to back down from their demands.

The main issue at the center of the strike is compensation, with the changing nature of the way shows are delivered being a significant factor.

With streaming shows typically only consisting of 8-9 episodes, compared to the 20 episodes traditionally seen in a broadcast season, writers say they have to work harder to make a living.

Additionally, residuals, which are payments made to writers and production staff as a show continues to make profits, are not as high in streaming as they are in broadcast, leaving writers feeling underpaid.

The studios and the writers are currently far apart on their respective positions, but studios have said they are prepared for this and have a lot of production already shot and ready to air.

However, the strike may cause disruptions in the airline industry as American Airlines pilots have authorized a potential strike mandate, and Southwest Airlines pilots are considering whether to walk off the job.

In Oakland, California, over 3,000 teachers are striking for better pay and conditions, causing classes to be canceled for 34,000 students in the district.

Meanwhile, the White House is set to announce a new initiative in AI development, which includes funding for research and agreements for companies to be more transparent.

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