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Woman in Critical Condition After Hit-and-Run Driver Crashes into Apartment

Santa Ana, Orange County – A woman is currently fighting for her life after being struck by a hit-and-run driver who crashed through the wall of an apartment building.

The incident occurred on Saturday, leaving the victim in critical condition.

Authorities are actively searching for the driver responsible for the accident, which resulted in the woman being pinned under the vehicle.

The victim is undergoing lifesaving surgery, including the amputation of her foot.

The severity of her injuries has prompted a plea from her grieving parents for help in finding the person responsible for the catastrophic hit-and-run crash.

According to investigators and witnesses, the driver of a minivan was recklessly speeding down City Drive in Santa Ana, failing to stop until colliding with the corner apartment on the first floor of the Vista Del Rio complex.

At the time of the crash, two women were napping on a couch on the other side of the wall.

These women were visiting a cousin who resides in the apartment.

One of the victims was trapped under the vehicle, while the driver and any passengers fled the scene, abandoning the wreckage.

Orange County firefighters were called to the scene and worked diligently to extricate the trapped woman.

She was swiftly transported to UC Irvine Medical Center, where she is currently receiving treatment for her extensive injuries.

The victim, Yoli, who is studying to be a pastry chef, faces a long and challenging road to recovery.

Her family describes her injuries as extensive, with broken bones and severe damage to her leg.

Medical professionals will perform further procedures in an attempt to save her foot, which had been deprived of blood flow for over 24 hours.

Yoli’s father issued a heartfelt plea to the person responsible for the accident, urging them to turn themselves in to the police or come forward with any information.

He implores them to imagine if this were their own child and to consider what actions they would desire in such a situation.

Authorities are urging anyone with information about the hit-and-run driver or the incident to contact the Santa Ana Police Department.

The investigation is ongoing, and updates will be provided as they become available.

The community remains shocked by the reckless actions of the driver and hopes for a swift resolution to bring justice to the victim and her family.

Note: The given text is a collection of fragmented information without proper sentence structure.

I have attempted to organize and present the information in the form of a news article while omitting unnecessary details and identifiers.

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