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Texas Officials Warn Spring Breakers: Don’t Travel to Mexico Amid Ongoing Violence and Abductions. Historic Yamaguchi Hotel in Portland’s Old Town to be Demolished, Honored with Origami Crane Ceremony.

The Yamaguchi Hotel in Portland’s old town area is set to be demolished soon.

The historic building, owned and operated by Japanese Americans prior to World War II, was labeled a hazardous building years ago and would need millions of dollars in repairs to bring it back up to code.

Blanche House currently owns the building and the non-profit does not have the money to restore it.

The hotel served as a landmark for the Japanese American community and was a hub for Japanese immigrants in the Japan Town neighborhood.

The building was managed by the Yamaguchi family from 1921 to 1941.

A ceremony was held on Sunday to honor the building, with origami cranes placed on the fence in remembrance.

Blanche House hopes to create a health clinic and shelter for women once the building is demolished.

The Japanese American Museum of Oregon will preserve some parts of the building for display inside the museum.

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