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The actors’ strike, which lasted almost four months, has ended with the approval of a new contract by the guild’s board. The deal will now be presented to the union’s members for ratification. While the negotiators did not obtain everything they wanted, they did secure a significant salary increase that breaks the industry pattern.

The new contract, estimated to be worth around 1 billion dollars, was hailed as a victory by the members. The agreement effectively ends the strike that caused Tinseltown to shut down for nearly four months.

The record-breaking contract is seen as a significant achievement for Hollywood performers and will ensure the sustainability of the motion picture industry for working-class actors. It also highlights the power of collective action and worker solidarity. The deal includes substantial gains in minimum wages, the largest in the history of the union in the last 40 years.

Additionally, it addresses concerns about the use of artificial intelligence in production, providing informed consent and fair compensation for the digital recreation of a performer’s image, likeness, and voice. The contract will be in effect for three years and includes wage hikes of 7% in the first year, 4% in the second year, and 3.5% in the third year. Background actors will receive an 11% increase in the first year, followed by 4% and 3.5% increases in the second and third years, respectively.

The members of the union, numbering around 160,000, will have to vote on the ratification of the new agreement, a decision expected to be in favor..

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