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After 121 years in operation, the historic barbershop located inside the Minneapolis Grain Exchange is closing its doors for good on March 31st.

Bob Haddow, who is only the fifth person to ever own the barbershop, cited high rent and changes in work habits due to COVID-19 as reasons for the closure.

The barbershop has been a staple in downtown Minneapolis since it opened in 1902, surviving two world wars and the Great Depression.

Despite its longevity, the barbershop has struggled to keep up with the changing times and the shift towards electronic trading in the Grain Exchange.

Customers are disappointed to lose their safe space and the affordable haircut and chit chat that came with it.

Bob Haddow laments that he is not just losing a business, but a place where he has heard great stories over the years.

While it is a loss for the downtown community, Haddow may end up back in South Minneapolis where he is well-loved.

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