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Challis Hot Springs, an Idaho historical landmark, has officially become part of the state park system.

After 130 years, the historic site has gained new life as part of the Yankee Fork State Park.

The Hammond family homesteaded the springs in the late 1800s, developing it as a place for local miners to soak and recover during the peak of the gold rush.

Recent funding from Governor Little and the Idaho Legislature allowed the Department of Parks and Recreation to buy the historic site.

The state is now dedicated to preserving the land for all Idahoans to enjoy.

The Hammond family’s legacy will continue as they have entrusted the state to guide their one-of-a-kind resource into the future.

Today, extended members of the Hammond clan traveled to Challis not only to celebrate the re-dedication but also Grandma Lorna’s 90th birthday.

It’s a representation of the end of one phase and a celebration of their matriarch and new life for the spring.

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