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Fox News host Steve Hilton has recently highlighted the importance of the Declaration of Independence Project on ‘The Next Revolution.’ The project is a campaign launched to commemorate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday and offers every American the opportunity to make a personal commitment to the Declaration of Independence.

The document not only helped create the greatest nation in the world but also enshrined the principle of self-government that is the foundation of all American freedoms.

The campaign allows individuals to make the Declaration themselves and have their pledge sent to Congress.

This initiative is especially meaningful for Hilton, who became a new American citizen two years ago and made an oath of allegiance to America and the Constitution.

He explains that the Declaration of Independence, in a way, is deeper than the Constitution since it represents the ideas that underpin the country and the Constitution.

Hilton emphasizes the relevance of the Declaration of Independence today, as Americans face abuses and user patients of power all the time.

The renewed Declaration of Independence will include the names of those who sign up on, making their voices heard.

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