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The Roman redevelopment project, a highly anticipated initiative in Clayton County, has been called off due to the developer’s failure to meet multiple deadlines.

The project, which aimed to revitalize a vacant lot in Lake City, has left residents and officials disappointed.

The county had invested over half a million dollars in the massive redevelopment endeavor, which was expected to bring new jobs and opportunities to the community.

Charles Smith, a local business owner, expressed his disappointment, emphasizing the potential economic stimulation the project could have brought.

The envisioned development, known as the Roman at Lake City Crossing, encompassed plans for a hotel, condos, an office building, and an amphitheater across the 26-acre lot on Jonesboro Rd.

Larry Vincent, the Executive Director of the Homes Development Authority of Clayton County, declined an on-camera interview but briefly addressed the issue during a meeting.

He confirmed that the county had sent a letter to the developer, requesting a response regarding the termination of the contract.

One major point of contention surrounding the project is the payment of over half a million dollars to Roman United for three PowerPoint presentations.

County Commissioner Alicia Anderson expressed her dissatisfaction, demanding the return of the funds.

Despite the setback, Charles and other residents remain hopeful that alternative opportunities and developers can still bring positive changes to the dilapidated building and empty parking lots in the future.

However, no official statement has been received from Clinton County, and Roman United has not responded to requests for comment.

The developer has until May 11th to respond to the termination letter.

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